Silver Fish and Fruit Flies

What are the real issues?


Every once in a while I find that there are pests that really don’t do a lot of harm, especially when the campaign to get rid of them is weighed up against the damage they do. In this article, we are going to take a look at two of the most benign pests there are, the fruit fly and the silver fish. What exactly are these insects being persecuted for?


Fruit flies


Fruit flies seem a particularly ridiculous case as far as pests go. They carry no diseases, are not harmful, and don’t even make noise in big groups. The only knock on the fruit fly as far as problems go is that they tend to breed very quickly and their numbers become suddenly vast. This amounts to a visual problem more than anything else; a basic psychological abhorrence of the presence of so many flying insect. Of course you may also have an aversion to these little guys flying into your wine every time you pop a cork too, and that’s understandable. I think that fruit flies should be dealt with, but as household pest insects go they are not too bad.

Silver fish


Like the fruit fly, silver fish seem to face their main problem in their appearance. They are rather creepy looking, with extensions that look like stingers protruding from all over their body and their shiny silver coloring. Still, beyond looking a bit scary silver fish pose no real harm to humans.


That said, silver fish have been known to do damage to specific pieces of human property. They are very drawn to the cellulose contained in paper and in book bandings, so a silver fish infestation may be harmful as far as a book collection or art supplies are concerned.


I suppose another pest factor that can be attributed to both fruit flies and silver fish is accidental ingestion. It is probably disturbing for many people to think that when they take a bite of a banana or apple that they got of the counter, they might be champing down on a few hundred fruit fly larva and/or eggs. The same concept applies to silver fish; these guys love toiletries, and it’s pretty disturbing to think of one taking up residence in your tooth paste tube.


Still by and large the problems caused by both silver fish and fruit flies is pretty minimal in the big scheme of things. It might be worth it to give your plans for extermination a second thought, unless you are really in the middle of a gigantic infestation. If that is the case, make sure you contact a pest control company that uses integrated pest management so that you don’t run the risk of harming your family through needless and often useless chemical solutions.

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