Dealing with Fruit Flies

When it comes to household pests, there are few that are less harmful than the fruit fly. Really the only thing that makes these tiny, short lived, and furiously prolific creatures fall into the pest category is that they can be very annoying. Even that is strictly visual though; do you know anyone who has every heard a fruit fly?


That being said, it can indeed be incredible annoying when you go into the kitchen to get a piece of fruit and are literally swarmed with hundreds of the little beggars. It can also be embarrassing if you have guests over. Fortunately, fruit flies are pretty easy to deal with. Here are some of the best ways.

* Patience. You have probably already noticed that fruit flies are never a problem for very long. They are not very adaptable creatures, and weather that is too hot or too cold will soon take care of them. If you have a problem all you really have to do is wait and the temperature will take care of them itself. Obviously there are always one or two around, or their eggs, but these are hardly noticeable outside of large numbers.

* Food storage. A much shorter term method for dealing with fruit flies is to pay close attention to what they are attracted to. It shouldn’t be too hard; fruit flies aren’t very subtle en masse and will rise in a great cloud from their food source. They are attracted to the yeast in fermenting fruits, and that means you will probably find them around vinegar and wine as well. Prevent the population from growing by storing these things in colder areas of the house, particularly the refrigerator. I myself am loathe to put my bananas in the fridge because they turn brown and I have a childhood aversion to brown bananas, but then again I am fine with waiting the swarms out.

* Traps. You can create simple traps to destroy the fruit flies, but you have to make sure that the trap is the only temptation; remember to store other attractants appropriately, or the traps won’t work! The traps should contain an attractant as well as a substance which will cause the fruit flies to become stuck, and thus perish.

* A fan. Fruit flies aren’t the mightiest of the winged creatures, and a fan blowing on your fruit will prevent them from landing. If they can’t land, they can’t eat, end of problem.


As common pests go, fruit flies aren’t that bad to have around. Unlike most of the other pets we discuss on this site, you probably don’t need the assistance of a pest control company to deal with them, outside of some friendly advice. They are one of the few insects that really make humans look powerful in comparison.

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